Embedded Architect Platform

Embedded Architect (EA) is OptXware’s main solution for embedded systems designers and developers. The tool platform serves as a basis for several point tools supporting various steps of the design and development process.

Our platform relies on the industry-standard Eclipse framework providing a standard, yet open and extensible environment of a wide range of development tools. Embedded Architect benefits from the standards platform services of Eclipse including team collaboration support, project and file management, and integrated user interface.

The EA tool platform hosts all point tools that are member of the Embedded Architect Tool Portfolio and uses either EMF (for single-user tools) or OptXware ModelServer (for team collaboration) as model management platform.

Main Features

The tool platform implements several core features that are available in all further tools:

  • Flexible model handling
  • Team collaboration support
    • By version control system integration
    • By using ModelServer technology for real-time model sharing
  • Multi-level undo support
  • Integrated, customizable consistency checking framework
  • Integrated report generation framework
    • Built on Eclipse Business Intelligence and Reporting Toolkit
    • Providing visual report editor and built-in report templates
  • Integrated C/C++ IDE (Eclipse CDT)
    • Allows the implementation and unit testing of SWC code