Embedded Architect Browser

EA Browser provides core model browsing and editing functionalities for the user. The basis of the tool is a customized, tree-based model viewer that supports the hierarchical visualization of complex models. The model tree can be used to discover the model and also to modify it by adding or removing elements. The editor always enforces the core consistency rules of the modeling language and further consistency checks are employed to validate the model against more complex prescriptions.

EA browser supports all modeling languages integrated into the EA Tool Platform, including AutoSAR, FIBEX, EAST-ADL2, UML, SysML, and others. All features and specifics of all languages are supported enabling the detailed configuration of system models with all the language specific details.

The tree-view is complemented by a customizable properties view that allows the inspection and modification of the attributes and references of the model elements. The references can be traversed using the navigation button on the properties view, and existing references can be looked up using the reference search functionality enabling rapid navigation through complex models spread across several files and folders.

The model editing is further supported by the multi-level undo mechanism allowing the cancellation of recent editor commands.

EA Browser offers also the possibility of open, inspect, and re-layout model diagrams created using the EA Modeler tool.