Modeling Infrastructure

Model-driven development (MDD) is an emerging systems development approach in many different application areas. Using MDD, development teams can improve their productivity, and shorten time-to-market of systems, while improving the product quality and maintainability. The basic idea of MDD is the utilization of high level visual system models that can be iteratively refined until the final implementation code with interactive or automatic tools.

The efficient utilization of MDD in a team environment requires a robust infrastructure to manage and share system models during the project. However, current commercial tools mostly rely on in-memory, single node modeling engines that are not able to support complex models. Moreover, these engines are typically dedicated to a single modeling language and do not allow the integration of several different languages simultaneously. Current trends show that these issues are becoming blockers for the spreading of MDD techniques in the industry.


ModelServer is a robust, client-server model management solution, able to support any modeling language and any number of users simultaneously. It has a robust, transactional modeling core that enables the concurrent access to system models from the project members. By using disk-based model storage instead of in-memory solutions, ModelServer is able to manage modeling project practically without size limits, on the other hand, its intelligent, multi-level caching mechanisms provide comprehensive runtime performance.

Model queries and transformations

ModelServer has integrated model queries and transformation support through the integration of the industrial version of the open-source VIATRA2 model transformation system. VIATRA2 enables the high-level, declarative definition of complex model queries and transformation programs and features an effective execution engine. This unique feature allows the efficient integration of different tools and languages in a single ModelServer-based tool chain.

ModelServer EMF Adapter

Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) is one of the most important modeling frameworks. We offer a adapter for ModelServer to bridge our robust model store and existing EMF-based tools, enabling the integration of legacy tools on top of our ModelServer infrastructure.

Custom tool integration services

With the help of our robust and flexible ModelServer model management infrastructure, we offer our partners custom tool integration services. The existing model-based design, development, and analysis tools can be integrated into a single, coherent tool chain that helps to increase the productivity of the development process and improve the traceability of requirements through models to the source code level.