Prof. Alfred Inselberg visited OptXware

17 May 2010 - Prof. Alfred Inselberg visited OptXware

Prof. Alfred  Inselberg (University of Tel-Aviv, Multidimensional Graphs Ltd) inventor of parallel coordinates approach, visited OptXware on 17 May 2010 and held a very interesting presentation and demonstration on parallel coordinates, a data visualization and analysis method invented by him. The demonstration was followed by technical discussions about combining parallel coordinates theory with OptXware's dependability consolidation approach.


András Balogh (CTO) defended his PhD thesis related to model-driven design of dependable embedded systems

19 April 2010 - PhD thesis related to tool chain concept defended

András Balogh (CTO) defended his thesis at Budapest University of Technology and Economics  under the title „Model Transformation-based Design of Dependable Systems” (for a summary booklet in English click here).

Enhanced implementation of scientific results of the thesis are being included in the embedded tool chain in the OptXware (Embedded).


OptXware active in the automotive field

April 2010 until present - OptXware active in the automotive field

Senior OptXware staff contributes to consulting and pilot implementation in the automotive area of a major Europea company.


Cooperation with Hungarian ARTEMIS National Technology Platform

March 2010 -Cooperation with ARTEMIS-H

Prof. András Pataricza (president of OptXware) led the creation of the National Strategy for ARTEMIS-H, as the Steering Committee Chair of the Hungarian Artemis National Technology Platform. Several OptXware staff members contributed on National Strategy, and Dr György Csertán (CEO) was one of the reviewers during the internal review process made by the member companies of the platform.

OptXware provides the electronic infrastructure for the strategy design for the Hungarian Artemis Technology Platform. Employees of the company also participated in the creation and review of documents on the state of the art of embedded system development in Hungary.


Workshop paper accepted on trustworthiness monitoring

March 2010 - Workshop paper accepted on trustworthiness monitoring

OptXware members Dr György Csertán (CEO) and László Gönczy (Director of Services and Systems) contributed to a workshop MobiLight paper on trustworthiness monitoring, written as a joint publication of the CoMiFin project consortium members.


Review meeting of INDEXYS

March 2010 - Review meeting of INDEXYS

OptXware organized the first review meeting of the INDEXYS project.


OptXware in Cloud Infrastructure development

March 2010 until present - OptXware in Cloud Infrastructure development

OptXware contributes to the experimental implementation of cloud-based services for a major company in the field.


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