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EU projects


COMIFIN-ICA is a collaboration research project among ongoing EU (COMIFIN project, contract ID 225407) and US R&D projects focused on the protection of financial critical infrastructures. In order to address threats and vulnerabilities that may affect financial infrastructures, the European Commission has funded in 2008 a research project named COMIFIN that aims to develop a comprehensive approach to enable the protection of the financial infrastructure through the collaboration of different financial actors and providers of critical services. In the United States, the National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Centre (NISAC/Sandia) has an on-going project, named “Global Finance as a Complex Adaptive System”, that aims to develop models of interactions among banks, foreign exchange markets and other financial institutions. Both projects represent the leading edges in the research about financial infrastructures modeling, management and protection in European Union and United States. The cooperation between those two projects aims at establishing a collaboration to reinforce convergent results and leverage on complementary activities.


The objective of INDEXYS (Industrial Exploitation of the Genesys Cross-Domain Architecture) is to tangibly realize industrial implementations of cross-domain architectural concepts developed in the GENESYS EU FP7 project in three domains: automotive, aerospace and railway, thereby relating to ARTEMIS-JU Industrial Priority: “Reference designs and architectures”. GENESYS (Generic Embedded System Platform) is developing a cross-domain architecture according to requirements of the ARTEMIS Strategic Research Agenda.

OptXware will lead the development of the methodology and will contribute to meta-modeling, model integration and development tool-chain composition by defining meta-models for PIM / PM / PSM / tool interconnection and defining the set of data and model interchange formats and tool interfaces. OptXware will perform ontology based meta-model / model analysis and create an abstract fault model based high-level fault propagation and fault effect analysis. OptXware will provide its experience in tool integration and tool-chain implementation, especially an Eclipse based model transformation support that helps a loose integration of development tools using different input / output models.


The COMIFIN (Communication Middleware for Monitoring Financial Critical Infrastructure) EU FP7 project creates a federated, distributed and collaborative network of agents for enhancing trustworthiness and dependability of financial infrastructures. The global financial infrastructure is a complex system consisting of a wide taxonomy of interconnected nodes and infrastructures (e.g. banks, insurance companies, clearing houses, etc.). A comprehensive for these interconnected infrastructures global monitoring schema is currently missing, and constitutes the key objective of CoMiFin to provide.

OptXware will participate in requirements definition, architecture design, middleware implementation and will lead trials execution. OptXware also invited experts from Hungary to the Financial Advisory Board of the project that will evaluate viability of COMIFIN results.


The senior members were principal investigators as members at FTSRG at BUTE in the DECOS FP6 EU integrated project resulting in the prototype of a complete model driven tool chain for the modeling, synthesis and verification and validation of safety critical embedded systems. OptXware is the designated maintainer of the DECOS meta-model specifying the core concepts of DECOS.


Senior members of the company were principal investigators of the SENSORIA FP6 project (as members of BUTE FTSRG) where novel model-driven techniques for the analysis and development of service oriented systems were developed, including transformations chains. OptXware is utilizing in its business services some of the prototype tools and technologies developed in the project, officially acquired from the University.

National Projects

GVOP is the hungarian Economic Competitiveness Operational Programme. Optxware won a GVOP competition to deliver an MDA driven service availability and optimization product family and service. Detailed description of these services is available under "Whitepapers".


OptXware won additional support for the COMIFIN project in the BONUS.HU program of National Office of Research and Technology.