Partners And References

Partners and references

The basic methodology of OptXware is to combine advanced technology solutions with novel research results from the field of academy. Right from the beginning OptXware has a very fruitful co-operation with Budapest University of Technology and Economics that not only makes knowledge transfer very efficient but allows to exploit the rich educational experience gained and maintained by OptXware employees as teachers at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in the development educational materials and training courses for the industry, as an R&D accompanying service.

The consequent use of the model-driven approach facilitates the integration of sophisticated design and runtime algorithms thus guaranteeing a justifiably correct and high quality service of the designated application.  Fortunately, OptXware was able to establish in case of all partners a strategic cooperation out of the first joint projects. The combination of modeling, dependability and security analysis with state-of-the-art implementation technologies is a unique value helping our industrial clients in developing dependability and security critical applications or consolidating their already operating infrastructure.