Partners And References



Mentor Graphics Hungary

OptXware contributed to the development of a model driven design tool by participating in the training, system architecture design consultancy and implementation during the last years.


OptXware provided Eclipse courses for Loxxon Kft.



OptXware provided Eclipse courses for iFlow Kft.


Prolan Process Control Co.

OptXware cooperated in the model-based proof of safety concept, test set assessment, test design in the field of a critical railway interlocking and traffic control systems developed at Prolan according to the EN 5012X norm. Recently OptXware provided Reliability, Availability and Maintainability Analysis services for Prolan.


OptXware provided Eclipse courses for Robert Bosch Kft.


Nokia Siemens Networks

OptXware provided its services for Nokia Siemens Networks in different projects in the field of high availability and cloud infrastructures and related middleware.


BMS Informatikai Kft

BMS Informatikai Kft

OptXware provided consultancy services and software development services for BMS Informatikai Kft in the development of its BMS integrated enterprise resource management system.


SA Forum

OptXware created a pilot demonstrator for SA Forum, the international standardization body of the main providers of high availability solutions primarily in the Telco field. The demonstrator is a pilot application presenting the main features of Application Interface Specification standard and patterns for HA component development.

ThyssenKrupp Presta Hungary

OptXware provides AUTOSAR implementation consultancy services for Thyssen-Krupp Presta Hungary.


Multilogic Ltd.

The joint project Pythia created a software project management system for project planning and decision support for software intensive and critical target systems. It supports effort and quality prediction, bottleneck identification and optimization of human resource allocation.


As subcontractor of HAI-Systems, OptXware gave expert consultation and contribution to conceptual design and the pilot implementation of an Service Level Agreement monitoring configuration at one of the largest Hungarian enterprises.

Groupama Insurance Hungary

OpXware performed security evaluation and developed the Disaster Recovery Plan for the IT infrastructure of the company according to the BASEL II accord for financial institutions and the corresponding Hungarian regulation.

IBM Data Storage Systems

OptXware contributed to the process based modeling and simulation of the production of IBM Data Storage Systems Kft.


OptXware developed the core engine and features of the tool named Modeler.