Optimization Consultation

OptXware offers a broad range of optimization services, using a market leader software for mathematical optimization. Starting from model creation, including data definition, application integration and integrating optimization to existing operational processes, we help to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of systems (from production management via portfolio management to IT operations). Design of domain specific languages help to reduce the difficulty of modeling while custom visualization techniques provide an intuitive tool for end users.

OptXware is an IBM Business Partner with a leading role in ILOG-based optimization services in Hungary. Members of the company have many years’ experience in the field of optimization, both answering theoretical challenges and participating in industrial projects.

We support the optimization at different levels, from decision support to runtime optimization.

Our previous experience includes several optimization projects and developments:

  • production line optimization for a Hungarian company in electronic industry
  • development of a plugin for a freely available business process modeling tool supporting optimization of process execution with time/cost constraints
  • optimization of software development projects using COCOMO and COQUALMO metrics
  • multi-aspect optimization for job scheduling in embedded systems
  • optimization of virtual infrastructure
  • optimization of deployment of multi-tier enterprise applications

In these projects we always followed a model-based approach, i.e. integrated optimization directly to the used. As an example, inputs can be taken from UML models or business process models while output is visualized on intuitive dashboards or in the existing decision support system.  We have experience with leading ILOG tools (e.g. CPLEX engine).

We offer a variety of services for our customers:

  • specification of optimization needs after consultation
  • design of optimization solution, help in tool selection
  • design & testing of mathematical models
  • sensitivity analysis to reveal bottlenecks
  • creation of domain specific languages & editors which help to concentrate on the business problem
  • visualization of results
  • integration of optimization solution to existing enterprise tools & applications (interface design, data integration, communication & operations)
  • customization of industrial optimization solutions
  • design & maintenance of optimization services
  • coaching
  • model maintenance